Hi guys
I would like some help with creation of Java ME class
I have only been capable of coming up with the peudo-code
Can someone please assist?

CLASS ImageGetter

Method 1: CREATE a connection to a remote server to request the image

Method 2: RECIEVE the image and allocate the image a position in the res folder of the application

Method 3: PROVIDE a method that can be called to return the position of the image in the resource folder

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Beginning J2ME - From Novice to Professional, fancy title but it shows what you need like get image from server

And as jwenting put it, it is obvious this is not pseudo-code by homework requirements. Nobody in their proper mind would put all above functionality in one class...

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Am not a student... I do this as a hobby
Don't assume I have home work.... However, I do work from home so in that case it could be true
I didn't need actual code but some heads up like peter gave me

@peter thanks but the page doesn't load.


@peter thanks but the page doesn't load.

It does work now, there was double "http:" in URL. (Copy&paste features for pop-up box doesn't work same way in Ubuntu as under Windows, I do time-to-time forget)

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