Hi everybody! Sorry for my bad english! I have a matrix of integers with a maximum length 6 digits. I must to write
program, that checks whether a number is found in the section above the main secondary
diagonal of this matrix.
I'm beginner in C + + and I know, how to write a two-dimensional array, who will be our matrix. So, our matrix must be a square matrix that means the numbers of the rows and columns must be equals. I found one code, like this task: http://www.dreamincode.net/code/snippet594.htm This source code is to input a square matrix and to display the elements on and above the diagonal of the matrix. Can i make a little changes in this source code to write my homework... :) I know that this information here is very little and if you can't help me for this task or if you don't want, will back with more information tomorrow.

Dear jonyshub,

i am not the moderator of this forum, But i don't think that they allow to solve the homework for students in this forum, But u can post a question and we will help u to solve ur issue, So plz be creative and think what u want and we will help u,and i c that from the link u post u can finish ur Homework Successfully :)
Sorry for being Silly