I'm trying to write a program and am having some major issues. I've written a decent program but people are complaining about some of the cosmetic issues. I have very little experience with code (maybe 10 days of frustrating Internet research).

Here A few issues that i have that keep popping up over and over.

I'm writing the program to work through excel. We run Microsoft office 2003 and I'm just getting to VB through excel (by clicking alt+F11).

I'm trying to get the user for to minimize, but there are a lot of commands and properties that for some reason I dont have (.hWnd) (WindState) (Menu Editor) that keep popping up in various VB6 forums.

Are there addons I need to get these functions or something. I'm very confused.

Here's the about info I got from VB:
VB 6.5.1024
Forms3: 6510.500

[edit] I guess all I'm trying to do is to get my form to show up on the task bar so that it can be alt+tab to and such.

You are using VBA and NOT VB6.0. VBA is an interpreted language while VB6.0 can be compiled to native binaries (exe's, dll's, ocx's, etc.). So yeah, looking in Visual Basic 6.0 forums, your going to find a whole lot of functionality that VBA does not support... at least right off on a lot of it and it is very understandable why some people get confused between the two because they do share the same basic code base.

So, in the future you might want to look for VBA specific coding forums or Office forums for some things, but because the languages are so similar, usually you can get your answers from VB6.0 forums.

Now, to your specific problems...

A VBA form does not expose a hwnd as it is an interpreted and hosted form but you can add certain controls that do have a hwnd, but also because it does not expose a hwnd, it does not expose a windowstate and thus an icon in the appbar. The menu editor, is specific to to VB6.0 but that does not mean you cannot create your own menu with some tricks.

Good Luck

Oh, man. Thanks a lot. I was very frustrated with the whole situation. Thanks for pointing the VBA and VB6 thing out. I actually feel relieved.

I am just getting into VB myself, having used VBA in the past, try going here for help, it's very good : www.vbaexpress.com ...