Hi All:

I am new to this List.

I am creating a Swing GUI based Word Processor which takes in English Text and using KeyListeners converts it into Unicode Devanagari - the Script used for writting The Hindi Language of India - which is dispalyed in a JEditorPane set to display RTF text.

My problem is, at times, and not always I start seeing junk in the JEditor Pane and parts of other Hindi characters. Even after I clear the JEditorPane by clicking "Clear: Button, these dots and other small black marks persist and dont seem to go away.

There are three JEditor Panes and this only happens in the Pane for Devanagari Display.

Any suggestions?

All three have JScroll Panes.



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How exactly are you converting to unicode? This can cause problems if you accidently mess up in the range of values.

This is how my conversions are done.

User enters characters through Normal Keyboard and JEditorPane # 1 recieves them.

Say user entered 'himalaya'.

Then this string recieved concurrently through KeyListeners (KeyTyped method ) is converted via my Devanagari-Converter Class for display in JEditorPane # 2.

The Devanagari Converter class has a Hash-table and each char of the string is parsed and search made for in the Hashtable.

Unicode equivalent of 'h' is pulled out. Then that of 'i' and so on, appended and sent to JEditorPane#2.

I have an alogorithm to deal with correct display of vowels as their position can determine their shape. SO I have if and elses to choose the right form of a vowel, but thats about it. I dont miss with their ranges or anything

The following is the code if you are interested.

/* Purpose: Converts Scharfe Encoding to Devanagari

package transliteration;
 import sandhi.*; 

import java.util.*;
import java.io.*;
import java.text.*;
import java.lang.Integer.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.net.URL;
import java.sql.*;
import sun.jdbc.odbc.*;
import java.nio.charset.Charset;

public class devanagari
private String transformed;
private Hashtable<String,String> unicode;
private Hashtable<String,String> matra;

public devanagari()
    //System.out.println("**** Entered Devanagari:::");
    transformed = "";
    unicode = new Hashtable<String,String>();
    matra = new Hashtable<String,String>();
    //System.out.println("**** Leaving Devanagari:::");

public void my_hashtable( )
//*******************BEGINNING OF FUNCTION********************//public void my_hashtable (String s1)

    matra.put("halant", "\u094d");   //halanta Sign 
    matra.put("A", "\u093E");
    matra.put("i", "\u093F");
    matra.put("I", "\u0940");
    matra.put("u", "\u0941");
    matra.put("U", "\u0942");
    matra.put("f", "\u0943");
    matra.put("F", "\u0944");
    matra.put("x", "\u0962");
    matra.put("X", "\u0963");
    matra.put("e", "\u0947");
    matra.put("E", "\u0948");
    matra.put("o", "\u094b");
    matra.put("O", "\u094c");

    unicode.put("a", "\u0905");
    unicode.put("A", "\u0906");
    unicode.put("i", "\u0907");
    unicode.put("I", "\u0908");
    unicode.put("u", "\u0909");
    unicode.put("U", "\u090a");
    unicode.put("f", "\u090b");
    unicode.put("F", "\u0960");
    unicode.put("x", "\u090c");
    unicode.put("X", "\u0961");
    unicode.put("e", "\u090f");
    unicode.put("E", "\u0910");
    unicode.put("o", "\u0913");
    unicode.put("O", "\u0914");

    unicode.put("k", "\u0915");
    unicode.put("K", "\u0916");
    unicode.put("g", "\u0917");
    unicode.put("G", "\u0918");
    unicode.put("N", "\u0919");
    unicode.put("c", "\u091a");
    unicode.put("C", "\u091b");
    unicode.put("j", "\u091c");
    unicode.put("J", "\u091d");
    unicode.put("Y", "\u091e");
    unicode.put("w", "\u091f"); // Ta as in Tom
    unicode.put("W", "\u0920"); 
    unicode.put("q", "\u0921"); // Da as in David
    unicode.put("Q", "\u0922");
    unicode.put("R", "\u0923");
    unicode.put("t", "\u0924"); // ta as in tamasha
    unicode.put("T", "\u0925"); // tha as in thanks
    unicode.put("d", "\u0926"); // da as in darvaaza
    unicode.put("D", "\u0927"); // dha as in dhanusha
    unicode.put("n", "\u0928");
    unicode.put("p", "\u092a");
    unicode.put("P", "\u092b");
    unicode.put("b", "\u092c");
    unicode.put("B", "\u092d");
    unicode.put("m", "\u092e");
    unicode.put("y", "\u092f");
    unicode.put("r", "\u0930");
    unicode.put("l", "\u0932");

    unicode.put("L", "\u0933"); // the Marathi and Vedic 'L'

    unicode.put("v", "\u0935");
    unicode.put("S", "\u0936");
    unicode.put("z", "\u0937");
    unicode.put("s", "\u0938");
    unicode.put("h", "\u0939");
    unicode.put("M", "\u0902"); // anusvara
    unicode.put("H", "\u0903"); // visarga
    unicode.put("~", "\u0901"); // anunAsika - cchandra bindu, using ~ to represent it\
    unicode.put("'", "\u093d"); // avagraha using "'"
    unicode.put("3", "\u0969"); // 3 equals to pluta
    unicode.put("8", "\u014F");//8 equals to upadhamaniya 
//  unicode.put("8", "\u0306\u032F");//8 equals to upadhamaniya 

//*******************END OF FUNCTION********************//

//*******************BEGINNING OF FUNCTION********************//
public String transform(String s1)

    transformed = "";
    //System.out.println(" in devanagari" );

    Vowel vowel = new Vowel();

    int str_len = s1.length();

    Object shabda[];
    shabda = new String[str_len*2];
    int counter = 0;

    for (int i = 0; i < str_len ; i++ )
        char c = s1.charAt(i);
        Character character = new Character(c);
        String varna = character.toString();

        if (vowel.is_consonant(varna) )
            shabda[counter++] = unicode.get(varna);
            //System.out.println(" shabda [" + (counter - 1) + "] ==  " + shabda[counter-1]);
            shabda[counter++] = "\u094d";//unicode.get("halant");
            //System.out.println(" shabda [" + (counter - 1) + "] ==  " + shabda[counter-1]);

        else if (vowel.is_Vowel(varna))
            //System.out.println(" point of error: counter == " + counter);

            if ( counter == 0 )
            { shabda[counter++] = unicode.get(varna); }

            //System.out.println(" shabda [" + (counter - 1) + "] ==  " + shabda[counter-1]);
            //if( ! shabda[counter - 1].equals(null)){
            else if( (shabda[counter - 1].toString()).equals("\u094d") )
                if( varna.equals("a") )
                { shabda[--counter] = ""; }
                        shabda[--counter] = matra.get(varna);
                        counter++; // or shabda[(--counter)++]

            { shabda[counter++] = unicode.get(varna); }

        } // end of else if is-Vowel

        else if (unicode.containsKey(varna))
            shabda[counter++] = unicode.get(varna);
        else { shabda[counter++] = varna; }
    } // end of for

    for ( int j = 0; j < counter; j++ )
        transformed += shabda[j];

    return transformed; // return transformed;

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