hi...friends i am rocky doing my 2nd b.tech(it)in this i have to do a dbms project with ms access as front end and vb as back end i choosen student data base with name,regno,dob,address,marks,attendancepercentage please help with coadings 4 this..,

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Hi Rockey,
What you want to do with that database? Is that you want to add,edit,delete etc. using VB? Tell us more. How many tables you have got? Have you used primary key in your database? Have you tried writing any codes for this project?


Lets see, you want to use Access the application as the front end to a Visual Basic 6.0 back end???? Are you sure you don't have that backwards???? I mean it can be done.... but one would have to ask why???? Or are you talking about VBA??? So confusing it can be when one does not proof read what they are writing...

Because normally Visual Basic 6.0 is the front end and the Jet engine (The Access application is a front end for the jet engine also...) is the back end...

So lets get you to repeat exactly what you want to do and what you have done so far to accomplish your goals...

Good Luck

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