I have a very big vb6 project file with about 16 form modules, 3 class modules and 3 global modules. I want this to be converted into a exe file so that it could run in any system as a stand alone. I tried the make projectname.exe present in the file menu but it shows the compiler error "Variable uses an automation type not supported in visual basic".
Is there any other method to convert it to exe, or should a setup file be created or should anything be modified.Please help me out with this guys


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When that dialog pops up, click on debug and VB will take you to the error. Correct the error and try again. Also, goto Tool>Options and put a check next to require variable declarations. Then on the general tab, select break on unhandled errors. Then at the top of every code window, paste in Option Explicit. This will force you to declare your variables and raise errors as you debug in the ide.

As for making a VB exe a stand alone... Well more than likely that ain't gonna happen. You will need to create an install package. Best bet is to use windows installer 1.1 or inno which are both free. For windows installer you can find a link to download it under to top pinned thread to this forum, the one titled tutorials, tips and tricks or something like that.

As for running on any system, VB will not run on linux unless it runs under the Ruby (?I think that is the name?) emulation. Same goes for Solaris and Mac has a windows emulation also.

As for window systems, a lot of what you create can be run on win95 and up unless you use certain things that are not normally availiable to these earlier systems, like a lot of the API's especially those that make the form transparent.

Then starting with win 2k or was it XP? I think it was XP SP1 that allowed for the use of side by side installation as long as the manifest was present and correctly formatted. This allows us VB 6.0 programmers to come closer to the ability of being able to install a stand alone program but because of windows and their implementing of various security schemes on certain directories, some things cannot be put in the same folder as the exe but must be placed in the users or the machines datapath (any file that needs the ability to be written to, databases, ini files, text files, etc).

So as I previously said, you will need to create an install package as it is not only the easiest thing to do, but the safest for your users and their systems...

Good Luck

Thank you very much vb5programmer :):)

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