How to put an image (BitMap) into a statusBar?

I was trying with:

statusBar1.Text = Properties.Resources.MyPucture;


Bitmap myPic = new Bitmap(Properties.Resources.MyPucture);
 statusBar1.Text = myPic;

but it is not working. Any clues how to salve this issue?

And besides, I have found a lot of example does with BitMapImage control, but I don`t know how to get it. I mean I can`t reach it, becuase I do know have the right reference (System.Windows.Media.Imaging - I can not find it between all those references, anyone know how to get it?).

I am using VS 2008 on Win 7.
Maybe is the problem I do not have installed .NET FrameWork 3.0, and I can not install it. Win 7 doesnt let me.
When I try to install it it throws a message that I have to turn it on in Control Panel/Programs/Turn Windows Features On/off.
And there I can not find .net FrameWork 3.0.

first off, if you have visualstudio 2008 installed then you have .net framework 3.5 installed. They come together in the installer. you can't have one without the other.

and assuming you mean a StatusStrip control. You just set its BackgroundImage property to your image. you can't set a text property to an image as that is a string type. C# is strictly typed. You could also add a button or label to the statusstrip and use the button or label's background image, or image properties.