Hi!! I am working on a POS system, and i have a problem with the project's publication. The system must be installed on over 30 branch, so i need the make a publishing that every time anyone in any branch run the application it get update with the newest version publicated on the server. So... what kind of publishing should i make?? on a ftp server??
The project download over 20mb every update.
I never have done before something like before... just local publishings
I hope you can help me, i really need to make it works fine... :S

Have a good time :)

Keep the newest/current version of the project in a database.
Create a Webservice/WCF service that presents that version online and has a file copying method.
Also, create a small Updater utility that goes with your larger project.

Then add a reference in your project to the service, and compare the two version numbers.

If the presented "online"-version is newer, then shut down the system/program and execute the updater utility that copies the new version using the file copying method in the service.

By using a Webservice/WCF you don't have to worry about firewalls, since it's basically normal HTTP-communication.

Thank you for your help!!! i will see if i can do that, but i think my first option is the ftp server, with the clickonce, because it control the updates itself