Dear sir

i use the code

Printer.print "Bashir ahmad" 

on the click event of a command Button. If the printer is turned on, printing starts, but if the printer is turned off, is there a method of informing the user to turn on the printer before printing. In programs like MS-Word, a message is shown by the operating system that the printer is not ready, how to do the same through vbcode? the code printers.count gives the installed printers only but not those which are ready to accept the Data.
with regards


You will need to delve deep into the API... Friends time! (Yahoo, google, ask, answers, ask, bing) vb6 OpenPrinter... Also see your help files for the OpenPrinter API and all of its friends (Printing and Print Spooler Functions) so you can look them up on the web...

Good Luck