hi all attatched program is a bend allowence calculator for sheet metalwork , i have a few programes that do the same thing and are more advanced, i could also do the same thing longhand, but my aim was to see if i could actually figure out how a program is written, and produce one myself .

but what i find is what always seems to trip me up in vb, is for example in code for programe, trying to write length1+length2 - ba could not get vb to recognise what (ba) was meant to represent it would just add length1 &2 , so had to write the whole calculation just to tell it what ba meant to get correct result. also do not know how to get lines of code to not go right across page ,thought _ underscore linked code.

thank you all for your assistance

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I really don't see how much more short that could get, you did everything right, and if you're worried about computer load, don't worry, a small application like this has no effect on a computer whatsoever.

I attached your program, but I cleaned it up a bit, added the underscores like you mentioned, etc.

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