Hi guys...
guess i won't be posting after this for a long time....

could you all please help me out with syntax highlighting in c++ once again.
I have made a full featured text editor(please check the snippet C.L.O.S.E)
but could you please suggest about syntax highlighting or atleast indentation..

I have read one in csharp using RegEx.
Can we do that same here?

Please help.


Im completely new to Regex. Could you possibly explain or link to a meaningful resource.
Thanks In Advance

Regular Expressions are very complicated, but very powerful. You can start reading here:

But there should be millions of tutorials online. As for using the Boost Regex library, they have some examples, but I always find them very confusing. Give it a shot and maybe someone can help you if you have a specific problem.


Thanks a lot...Will come out with C.L.O.S.E - V4 Soon