We use vb.NET windows form program to pass parameters to crystal report wich execute sql commands

I use .NET 2003, crystal 9, windows server 2000 and SQL server 2000

at the above enviroment the reports application work very well

when migrate to SQL server 2005 , and windows 2003

the applications gave the following errors
- failed to open row set
- operation illegal on linked parameter

I made sure of the connections , I verified the database

I don't know how to fix those errors

any suggestion please


Please read this thread "failed to open row set".

it give no erro while connect to sql server 2000 while generate error in using sql server 2005

see this example. it will help you.

Unfortunately I don't use dataset I wrote it in the crystal
Now the report give failed to open row set at showing last page and in export

any advice please

Best regards

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