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I'm trying to retrieve data from an Exchange 2007 server (Calendars) through C# (an ASP.NET webpage), I followed this example: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/webdav_101/archive/2009/01/10/sample-howto-display-a-list-of-calendar-items-in-listview-using-ews.aspx

But I keep on getting the following exception:


MSDN could tell me the following:

This error occurs when a caller passes in a non-primary SMTP address. The response includes the correct SMTP address to use.

I've googled quite a lot, but haven't found out how I can retrieve the SMTP address, the help text says the correct one is included in the Response, but I don't see it, although I don't know what variable to look for either...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!