This code should get one random line from sample.txt and put it in Label1 - problem is that it's only getting line 2. Every single time. What's wrong with it? Please help. I bet it's something rediculously obvious but i can't find it :'(

Thank you so much in advance.

Note: This program will help me revise while playing WoW

Dim ioLine As String ' Going to hold one line at a time
        Dim ioLines As String ' Going to hold whole file
        Dim ioFile As New StreamReader("sample.txt")
        ioLine = ioFile.ReadLine
        ioLines = ioLine

        'Generic list for holding the lines
        Dim lines As New List(Of String)
        'Random class to generate our random number
        Dim rnd As New Random()
        'Variable to hold our random line number
        Dim line As Integer
        'Now we loop through each line of our text file
        'adding each line to our list
        While ioFile.Peek <> -1
        End While

        'Now we need a random number
        line = rnd.Next(lines.Count + 1)
        'Now write out the random line to the TextBox
        'Close our StreamReader
        'Dispose of the instance

Omg. Fixed - sorry. Problem was that i wasn't regenerating a random every time a new tip was to appear. My bad. So embarrassing hahaha