The machine is a Gateway GT5404 w/ Pentium D Processor 915 dual core each @ 2.8 GHz---2 GB RAM---and the problem is an Intel GMA 950 (82945G Express Chipset Family). Works fine for surfing but not gaming. I have a PCI Express slot available. I have installed PCI cards in older systems, but not express slots. I not sure what video card I can put in for a better gaming experience. I would like to run the new MOH. Thanks, Dradgy


Almost any recent graphics card would be better than what you already have; putting a graphics card in is quite similar to what you say you have done already.
However run the system checker here. According to your specs your may only just meet some minimum system requirements. Get a graphics card that is of better specification than they ask.

Things to consider about graphics cards;

  • Power; you must have a powerful enough PSU
  • Memory size; I would say 512MB+
  • Memory speed
  • core clock speed

- Let us know how it goes

Thanks for the heads up on the power supply. I have only a 300 watt ps. That will limit my choices. I ran system checker and it indicates that my system is good enough, but I afraid of video lag and if I go multiplayer, I don't think that I will have too many friends. Thanks, Dradgy

I put in a Visiontek Radeon HD2400 PCIE card w/256mb video memory. Had to stay in my power supply limits (300w). Tried first just to disable my existing video graphics drivers but wouldn't work. I had to uninstall the drivers. Graphics are much faster than before. Thanks daniweb users!!!!!!!

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