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I have MotherBoard ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 in the link below :

Every thing was working fine (XP Prof SP3) till my mate upgraded the BOIS after that Onboard LAN Adapter got missing from the Device Manager and the LAN icon got missing from my "Network Place".

I did a fresh installation of windows still the same problem is going on, then I realized the problem with BOIS.

I have checked BOIS and I enabled every thing that I would have thought is related to onboard LAN but still no joy.

What should I do to rectify the problem


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update all drivers and do a virus scan first.

What jingda said, but you might also want to run a diagnostic on the system to see whether or not the lan adapter has died.

Some possible options:
1- Test the Network card in other computer. If it’s working update the Bios again and reinstall the Network card updating the network drive as well. It should work. When reinstalling the Network card, please try as well a slot that was being used.
2- If card is damaged, replace it
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