Hello to all. They are new of the forum.

I am trying disperatamente a activex that me it concurs to record laudio using the modem or the audio card. I tried something of professional. I hope that someone to help me in this deprived of hope search.

Thanks :sad: :?:

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You will need to post more details about your project. To record from the "audio card" is one thing, but to do it "using the modem" could mean to make some phone call before start recording. These tasks are not quite difficult, but they implies a lot of lines of code.

I'm sure the Platform SDK has a sample of either case.


Where are u from? Italy? :mrgreen:


They are Italian.

I must make a recorder that it concurs me to record the telephone calls in arrival and that at the same time that registry I can listen to the telephone calls. In order to make that the modem would go well or or lingresso LINE IN of the audio card.

I would have to also be able to set up the maximum dimensions that the rows audio must have, Hush, that is when for x second adopted a position the recording does not arrive piu audio it must interrupt.

I hope you can help, I do not know me from where to begin. Hello

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