Hi ALL =) hope all of u will be right

I have been visiting this site constantly and I learned a lot from him, this is the first production in the Java language to me I hope that you like.

this is my First Program in java language i hope i see your opinions =)

this are some videos for my program :)


part one :-



part two :-



to download and test the program here please :-


Is this a question or an advertisement?

sure note advertisement =)

i wanna to see opinion from people here about first program in java ,,

it is simple , and see if the program has any errors :)

First suggestion; instead of making forum members download a file from "mediafire", host it on site open-source code hosting sites like Google code. After doing so, you'd be a bit comfortable with version control in general (which is the heart of every development) and people would be able to view your code online instead of downloading it on their own computer.

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