I have 3 computers connected to each other, pc1 is the server while pc2 and pc3 are clients. I created a windows application using c# and MS sql server as database at pc2 where in the sql server was installed, anyway, i didn't installed sql at pc1 server coz of some reasons and restrictions. Since i am new to sql it is hard for me to run my application at pc3 coz it didn't connect to sql server. So is there a possibility that client pc3 can connect to client pc2? if yes, how? tnx in advance and may god bless us!

If pc2 is set up as a SQL server then most likely the sql server component can be accessed directly via the IP of that computer (depending on the network setup and the SQL setup. However, your scenario is very confusing to me.

You indicate your pc1 is your "server" but you indicate that pc2 has your SQL server...

What, exactly, is pc1 serving? And if it requires the SQL server setup on pc2 why not make pc2 your "server" and connect 1 and 3 to it that way?

Coz i have no authority to access a server, coz i am a still student at my school, and i was creating a project that uses c# and ms sql server, that's why i installed it at pc2 client.

So meaning, pc3 can access to pc2 to proper ip configuration, but since i am only a beginner i am having trouble to connect the database from one computer to another. So how can i configure the sql server so that pc3 can connect easily to pc2?

Thank you very much..

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