I just started my mid level c++ class. In the past we have been using Visual Studio, which I can access thru a VM that our school supplies, so I can program from my Mac no problem.

In this class, however, we are switching to a linux based programming tool, and we need to use putty, or SSHClient in order to access the site. I know that terminal has an SSH build into it, but I'm worried about one more thing, which makes me hesitant to use terminal.

I don't have many details but my professor said we must compile/debug with GDB. Can someone answer whether or not GDB will work well will terminal? Or if there is a way to get Putty put on my mac without running a VM or bootcamp?? I just don't want to use a different method and fall behind/piss of the teacher.

Sorry if this should be in the c++ forums, I'm new

ssh is originally a Unix tool and is included in the Mac OS X Terminal.

gdb and gcc/g++ are included with the Apple Developer Tools which can be found at developer.apple.com.

As always, google is your friend! And, don't be hesitant to call 1-800-APL-CARE to get 1-1 help with your Mac.

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