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Hey everyone,

I have an application I'm writing (that a few of you have given me a good bit of help on) that will be used to check out assets and check them back in. It's working pretty great for items that are checked out *today* but I need a way to schedule them in advance.

So for example, I need to be able to open the app, schedule Asset-A to be checked out for 2 days a week from now, and still allow that Asset-A to be checked out and checked in between now and the scheduled date a week from *today*.

Here's something like I want

Load App
  Schedule Asset-A for 11/1/2010 through 11/3/2010
  Between today and 11/1/2010, allow Asset-A to be checked out
  On 11/1/2010, remove Asset-A from Available Assets list

Does anyone have an idea of an easy way to do this? Right now, I have a dbTable for each type of asset. One way I thought of was to create a scheduling table to keep track of scheduled assets and then query that database every time the app loads. But I'm still trying to figure out how to check for future scheduling conflicts (i.e., If Asset-A is scheduled for 11/1/2010 through 11/3/2010, do not allow someone to later try to schedule it for 10/30/2010 through 11/2/2010).

If anyone has a good idea of how to do this, I would be very thankful. I'm kind of at a block right now.


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