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* MediaWiki version: 1.16.0 beta3
* PHP version: 5.3.3
* MySQL version: 5.1.41
* URL: localhost
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Hello. I've been trying to develop a loader project in C#, but in order to upload a file, the user is supposed to be authenticated in the Wiki website. For now, all what I've got is to use "[[api.php?action=query&meta=userinfo]]", but I guess it needs the cookies.
Everytime I visit that site from my browser, it gives me the right ID and username, but when I try to access from the C# Web Request, it just keeps giving me the ID as 0 and as a non-authenticated user.
How can I solve this?

Any information I could receive will be appreciated on fladei.contrer@gmail.com

I gave up, the thread is closed.
I used OpenID instead.

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