Hello all,

Next semester I will be taking a course on Fortran, and I know that come December I will have to develop a final project, but alas, I currently have no ideas for what to do, or even what all can be done in Fortran. I have looked up a few sample programs, but I would appreciate some feedback on what kind of projects are doable and enjoyable in Fortran.

The class is not an advanced programming course, it is designed for Meteorology majors and I am probably the only student taking it with any programming experience. The professor, however, wants me to do some things a bit more advanced since I do have past experience.

I know that GUI is not supported in Fortran, and I know that Fortran is more number and math based than anything, but I still want to learn a lot and have fun with the project. Any ideas to help me come up with a project? I'm not really looking for an exact project specification, more just like generalized ideas of what can be done with fortran and what would be useful/enjoyable, and somewhat challenging.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.