Hey all, for this term in my conquest for a BS degree in Information technology, we were assigned to create a UML diagram of any object oriented program that we would like.

My problem is I have no idea on what to create. There will be no coding for this project, so I guess we can be very ambitious as we want, although not too ambitious to the point that we don't know how to even begin drawing the UML diagrams. I have submitted a proposal that I would make a "point of sales system" uml diagram but I and my group find it that a POS system is far too easy and may not garner a good grade because of its simplicity(?)

This is our first time exposure "REAL" exposure to object oriented programming.

So, I ask you guys:
Can you guys suggest projects or systems that I can make UML diagrams for?

Thank you very much!!

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You could create a car diagram, and all the classes are the parts, and they contain functions that interact with each other to make the car properly run.

So you have a class for tires, engine, transmission, etc...

If you want something really challenging, you can try to diagram out a game, and by game I don't mean Snake. Something bigger like an RPG or first person shooter. You can then make these as simple or complicated as you want.


Wow, an rpg would indeed sound nice and interesting! But I ask when creating the uml diagram for this, would I have to include the graphics, shapes and sounds to be used in the diagram? or just the basic character, monsters, weapons, etc.

Thank you for your suggestion! But I believe my professor won't allow us to do just that. This is because he as already made an example about this and have drawn a uml diagram for it.

UML is pretty much the classes and associated methods & members, so actual graphics, sounds, etc.. wouldn't be needed besides the members that cater to playing sounds or displaying graphics.

Create Media Player with GUI
These are hinted classes. Expand/reduce them as you wish
GUI Class
Methods: CreateToolBar, CreateMenu, LoadConfig

Methods: LoadFile, LoadFolder, LoadPlayList...et al

Methods: LoadMedia, Play, Pause, Stop, FForward, et al

You can in future even implement that in Java/C++/Python or whatever language

Oh, that sounds a little complicated, but nothing that a little reading on how media players work can't cover up though :D

I see, so similar to evstevemd's example I can just make a class of type gui and use that to "simulate" the graphics, menus and whatnots for creation, right?

@evstevemd: no what I meant was the concepts, operations and attributes utilized for the creation of the media player. since i have no background on such, i thought it would be a little difficult, but i contradicted that by saying that there is nothing a little reading can't fix. sorry for being ambiguous.

Still looking for that "final year project idea generator"...
Would help out a lot of kids who're too thick to think creatively and therefore can't come up with their own project ideas.

I recently worked on a project involving a website that interacted with an Android App and it was really fun to design. Maybe you could think of something cool like that. A data driven app would be cool. For example we did flashcards.

Which language did you use?
Sorry for little thread hijack ;)

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