:?: can anyone tell me how to recover the data from hard disk after pressing shift+delete

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what's that got to do with Java?

There are some programs that might help you, IF you are lucky and the data hasn't yet been permanently destroyed (a delete only removes a file information block in the index of the drive, but if the actual data has been overwritten it's unrecoverable).

Another reason for backing up your stuff regularly :)

Hi everyone,

what's that got to do with Java?

Exactly what i was thinking

Richard West

After shift+delete!?

I would say unless you are really lucky, or some kind of computer forensic expert, then you are out of luck.

There are many tools that claim to be able to do that. Here is one tool that seems to have pretty good reviews:


Its "shareware" but does have a free trial. The problem is, as you add new data to your hard drive you risk overwriting the file. And installing a utility to recover your file might just overwrite it. But I guess you really have no choice.

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