Hi ,

In my winform application , am uploading documents on a server(within a directory).

I have a grid that showing list of documents that uploaded on server.

Now I want to view a document with a specified document viewer( or default viewer) as soon as I click on that or through any other event.

Here event is not important ,my main concern is ,

How will I get and open a document which is on server?

Firstly, the coloured text is intended to highlight parts of your post...not all of it.
Secondly, try to use titles that describe your problem. What you want is info on "Accessing Files on Remote Server".

If you have a connection to the remote machine you should be able to access the file by its FilePath:

string path = @"\\ServerName\SharedFolder\MyTest.txt";
if (File.Exists(path)) 
    // File exists, then do something with it