Can somebody help me
i want to send a mail for forget password n iwant to send a link of my reset password page in it please help me
Thanks in advance

It is a simple html code

In you message append a string like this


Visit <a href="">Go to google</a>

Visit : is the word that appear before the link
<a href=""> : This is the actual html tag that works behind
Go to Google : It is what appears to the user

if you didnt get it pls tell i will send u an html file

How can i send my Servers url regarding of change password or any code for authentication
please reply asap

I didnt get you can atually..
can u explain it in detail

Actualy I am working on code of Forget Password n
I have to send a mail to valid email id with link of my change password page
or I have to send link with some authentication code which will send password after checking code
I reached upto sendin an email can u help in further proceedings pls

i thibk your problem is as follows

if somebody forgot the password he has to click a link "Forgot pwd".
and the user have to send a mail to an emailID.
This is done by
<a href="">Send me an email</a>

is this ok .

If not tell me asap.

no actually i have to send him link of page reset password jsp page
or i have to send him an link containing authentication code
after clicking to which he will get his password