Hello Guys,
I want to make a Memory Management Utility very similar or like adobe photoshop preferences section.in which user can select a ram he want to use for particular application. as in photoshop user can select amount of Ram photoshop will use. and scratch disk application that will be used for storing temporary files like photoshop gives. so I want information related to this or any tutorial related to scratch disks applicatio9ns.please suggest me links for that

Many techniques and features are available when dealing with memory managment :

algorithms /libraries :
garbage collection (boehm garbage collector)
memory file mapping (using mmap under unix or CreateFileMapping() under win32),

programming techniques :
overriden c++ new / delete operators,
smart-pointer classes,

Find Google about these items in order to have an idea about what you would like to implement and the way you wish to do it. (depending on the time you have and your needs)

When you have an idea, And if you have more questions, post them on this forum ! :idea: