I'm seeking for java2 certification. I downloaded ucertify product. Question are on right quality. Approx. 500 questions with study notes is quite enough for prepration. Challenging practice questions have been included to closely model the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exam. Now they are giving 50% discount i can save big amount of money. Test simulation is good but i want few good books and study guide also. Suggest me in this regard.

hi kennedy

I prepared using:

The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide
by Simon Roberts, Philip Heller, Michael Ernest, Roberts et al

This book is also popular
Java 2 Programmer Exam Cram (310-035)
by William Brogden, et al

All the best

Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates' book is the best by general concensus :)

I used nothing else (well, several years of professional experience can't hurt).

From what I've heard about ucertify their product isn't very good. Certainly not good enough to justify the money spent on it.

Exam cram books are useless, they don't teach you what you need to know in any way that sticks (and you do want to retain that knowledge now do you?).
I've read an earlier version and while nicely written there are better books out there (see above).
I've also read an earlier edition of the other book cheenu mentions, and it's nice. But it's not up there with Kathy's book.

Of course you also need a copy of the Java Language specification, which you can get online from Sun, and a copy of the Java API documentation similarly straight from Sun.
Both are also available in bookform if you prefer dead trees.

Be prepared to take some time on it. The book by Kathy and Bert took me a LONG time to read! Not that I'm a slow reader, but you just can't zip through something that packed with information. I still don't think I'm ready for it. I've read some parts of the book twice but I've never took any of the practice exams and that's an important part.

This link contains 33 free scjp mocks, although a few may not be very good, it is worth to trying them to gain confidence. You can also see the comments about each mock in that link before you take it up.


A few may be for older versions than the latest. But concepts are still the same aren't they!!

All the best

I went through the entire book 3 times, did the practice questions the third time around and kept revising until I got them all right.

Took the exam and was done with nearly an hour left. Scored 85%.
Might have scored higher had I gone through my answers yet another time but from experience I know that's usually counterproductive as you begin to doubt things you got right the first time around.

Indeed, take LOTS of time studying for the exam. You may also want to defer the exam until you can go for the new 5.0 exam for which there is as of yet no good study material available (it's too new).

If you think a mock exam, any mock exam, is too hard you're not ready!

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