Hello, me again. No VB experience and very little SQL experience. I am trying to upgrade a web site, that connects to a SQL DB to track requests. The SQL DB was originally built in SQL 2000 and I did not create the DB or the web pages. The new server is running SQL 2008 R2. It is a very small DB and I can query the existing records, create new records and delete existing records. I cannot update existing records. I have checked my server logs and I see no errors, but all I get when I hit the "submit" button is a blank page in the browser window. I actually get a blank page on several of my VB pages, but was hoping if the problem was identified on one page, it would be the same problem on all of them. I was hoping someone would look over the code if I posted it here and give me a suggestion as to what to do. The code is on a Stand Alone server not connected to the internet.


Show us the code where you use the 'rs.Update statement as well as the connection. It seems that the connection is not connected when updating or the reference set to the table might be incorrect.

I am not sure what happened, but I was called away to another project for several days. Today, when I came back to the web pages, I started from scratch with the original code. Changed my Database and web page IP's and everything seems to be working for now. I hope it isn't a fluke and tomorrow it will not work again.

thanks for the support.