I have a Splash Screen (which is the first thing that loads). and after 10 seconds of viewing the splash screen i want a form to appear... is that hard to do?

No its not that hard. Your problem will be solved if you use the following
1. Add timer to your splash form
2. Set Timer Interval to 10000 which means your timer is set to 10 seconds
3. Then use the following code in your splash form

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Unload Me 'unload or close the splash form
frmMain.Show 'shows your main form
End Sub

In my above example frmMain is the name of your Main Form that you want to show after that splash screen.
Hope this helps

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! (for you quick reply and great coding skilzzzz)

You are welcome and Please mark your thread as solved