Hi, I've been stuck on trying to sort a hand and while I've tried to do a bubble sort, it doesn't seem to work. Here's my code:

def rankValue(card): #Converts card value to integer (rank)
    if card.value == "Ten":
        return 10
    elif card.value == "Jack":
        return 11
    elif card.value == "Queen":
        return 12
    elif card.value == "King":
        return 13
    elif card.value == "Ace":
        return 14
        return int(card.shortValue[0])

def rankSuit(card): #Converts card suit to integer (rank)
    if card.suit == "Spades":
        return 3
    elif card.suit == "Hearts":
        return 2
    elif card.suit == "Diamonds":
        return 1
        return 0

def sortHand(hand):
    for i in range(len(hand)-1):
        valueHand = valueRank(hand[i]) #converts value to rank
        suitHand = suitRank(hand[i]) #converts suit to rank
        for j in range(len(hand)-1):
            if hand[i] > hand[i+1]:
                temp = hand[i]
                hand[i] = hand[i+1]
                hand[i+1] = temp
        return hand

print "Player Hand: ", playerHand

print sortHand(playerHand)

For example, I want to sort:
[3C, 9D, 5C, KC, TS]
[3C, 5C, 9D, TS, KC]

where I sort the values first before the suits. This is where my main issue lies:

for j in range(len(hand)-1):
            if hand[i] > hand[i+1]:
                temp = hand[i]
                hand[i] = hand[i+1]
                hand[i+1] = temp

I don't know how to implement valueHand/suitHand to that code since when I convert the values to their ranks, it is no longer a list

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well simply write a bubble sort function in conjunction with my code:

# attach my code from the other post

def bubbleSortCards(listOfCards):
    # implemented using the pseudocode from wikipedia
    # http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_sort
    while True:
        swapped = False
        for i in range(len(listOfCards)-1):
            current = listOfCards[i]
            nextOne = listOfCards[i+1]
            if current > nextOne:
                listOfCards[i] = nextOne
                listOfCards[i+1] = current
                swapped = True
        if swapped == False:

    return listOfCards

if __name__ == "__main__":
    c_3S = Card(1, 3)
    c_5S = Card(3, 3)
    c_TC = Card(8, 1)
    playerHand = [c_TC, c_5S, c_3S]
    print "Bubble Sort: "
    bubblesortedcards = bubbleSortCards(playerHand)
    for card in bubblesortedcards:
        print card

Yes if you need to reimplement the wheel, I would suggest that you choose Shell sort (improved insert sort), which is not so bad at all for small lists. Though for the case of 5 cards, the method is quite irrelevant as even checking all permutations for the sorted one is fast enough in modern computers. But if you care how code looks...

def shellSort(array):
     "Shell sort using Shell's (original) gap sequence: n/2, n/4, ..., 1."
     gap = len(array) // 2
     # loop over the gaps
     while gap > 0:
         # do the insertion sort
         for i in range(gap, len(array)):
             val = array[i]
             j = i
             while j >= gap and array[j - gap] > val:
                 array[j] = array[j - gap]
                 j -= gap
             array[j] = val
         gap //= 2

Retrieved from "http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Algorithm_Implementation/Sorting/Shell_sort"

I would rename array to something else, even implement it more pythonically, but here it is anyway.

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