hi every one am looking a way to write a simple vb exe written in notepad where the function would be:

-when the file open an image pops up.
-i don`t want it to have any window around it i just want a close button that would be on the picture. its like there is no interface around the picture just the picture on the screen with a close button.

thats it am looking for if any one can help me with that am not a programmer so that would be cool.

Well, notepad will not return a picture box or command button code at all. Are you trying to use vb6?

If so, a picture box control with a command button INSIDE the picture control will solve your problem.

write a simple vb exe written in notepad

Impossible. You need to install VB6 to make exes. Install it. Then do what AndreRet said.

Very simple

1.The picture Box control is used to display graphics, to act as a container for other control, and to display out put from graphics methods or text using the print method.
2. Create a command button to close.

3. Get clear with programming concepts.
(i) Strucured programming concepts.
(ii)<<plug removed>>object oriented programming concepts.[/URL]

Kolla Sanjeeva Rao