Hi guys,

I want to search a customer when i press an alphabet 'a' it should search and show drop down list of all customer those name start with 'a'.

Please please help thanks in advance.

Actully i want to auto complete or sugesseted from database.

You need to fill the AutoCompleteSource of the textbox with the names of the customers. This can be done by a for loop.

Follow this:
Set the AutoCompleteSource property of the textbox to CustomSource and the AutoCompleteMode property to Suggest.
Then write this in the Load Event of the form.


For i As Integer = 0 to (YourDataSet.Tables("Table").Rows.Count-1)
Next i

You can experiment with the AutoCompleteModes to see which one mostly suits you're requirements.

i am getting error on (required) is not declared.



If your using that part of code like this:


Then of course you have some difficulties:

What's the name of your textbox....
What's the name of your Dataset....
What's the name of your Table....

Change that and see what's happening with the Error...

Thanks for you reply i have already resolved the problem was not this.