How can I access remote database using window application in C#.I want to insert/update and delete the record from database which placed in web server using window application.

Accessing a database remotely is the exact same method as accessing it locally with only one major variation... the connection string.

Your connection string will need to point to one of the following:

  • The network address of the database
  • the URL of the database

Also, if you've been working with a local DB for production/testing purposes you may or may not have been utilizing windows authentication for your DB access (if you haven't required a un/pw in your connection string this is likely the case). For any remote DB connection, unless you're working on an infranet with something like Active Directory implemented in your connection, you'll need to utilize a un/pw security protocol for connecting to the DB.

As an additional note, if your DB server is not configured for remote access you will need to do so before you will be able to establish a remote connection from your application.

A few resources to look into that may help (depending on which type of DB you're using) are here:
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3

Hope that helps :) Please remember to mark your thread solved once your issue is resolved. Also, if your issue is related to soemthing other than the above information, please feel free to provide more detailed information (database type, etc) so readers can better assist.