I use Visual Basic 8.0 and Windows 7 Prof. and Deskjet 720c
To print a document i use PrintDocument component
I want to Check status of local printer
My problem is, if de printer if offline of not connected every print job is then automatically sent to the print spooler of Deskjet 720c.
I try to use Try Catch, But this does not work I get no error message



Catch ex As Exception  'catch printing exception  

         MessageBox.Show("Sorry--there is a problem printing",  ex.ToString())  

End Try

Who can help me with this?

Previsously thanks,


The print queue (spooler) is always ready to receive and enqueue new print jobs. This is a standard feature of Windows and almost all other current Operating systems.

When the printer goes on line, all the print jobs in the queue are printed.

If you want to warn the user about the status of the printer then you need to go down to the API

Try to start reading the http://www.thedbcommunity.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=218&Itemid=56.
Is based on Paradox Db, but all the principes, structures and howtos are valid to be used in Vb.net

Hope this helps

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