I'm new to VB .Net and I've searched for this info in the help files, but couldn't find it. When I save a project it automatically saves it to "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Temporary Projects\filename".
I want to be able to set this path ahead of time to where I want it to go. I've set a path in the Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > General tab (under Project Location), but it doesn't use it.
Where or how can I set this path so that when I pick File > New Project > pick VB and "Class Library" (I want to create a dll) it creates the folder where I want it to and not in the Documents and Settings folder?

Start New Project and click the Save All option.
You should get an option to choose a location for your new project.
This new location gets stored for the next time you save a new project.

As for non-saved projects, it uses the Temporary Projects folder.
Those projects get deleted unless saved.

If it helps any, load windows explorer on form Load.

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