I'm actually not even sure if this is possible. But I'm making a program just to help make checking gains/losses with the stock market easier for me. It's not real money just trying it out to see how I would do.

But with the program, I'm just going to ask for the stock's symbol, price, and how many shares I want. and then the whenever I check that stock I'll put in the new amount that the stocks are worth, and do the math.

Alright so my question is. Is there a way to have previous data that I input (ex. symbol, price, and shares) and just have that saved for the next time I use the program?
I'm thinking a simple way would to have it create an output file to save the data in. Then whenever I run it again just use the data from there?

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Is it possible use structure to save the data into file save all the data before closing the program and at startup get the data from that file. I hope read about file manipulation try write some code and then ask for help by showing your hard work.
Best Of Luck.

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