here's my code

Dim suppQuery As String = "SELECT [Supplier ID],[Company],[Last Name],[First Name],[Email Address],[Mobile Phone],[Office Phone],[Address],[City],[ZIP/Postal Code],[Notes] FROM [Suppliers]"
        Dim dsSupp As New DataSet
        Dim daSupp As New OleDbDataAdapter(suppQuery, cnPharma)
        Dim cbSupp As New OleDbCommandBuilder(daSupp)


            daSupp.Fill(dsSupp, "Suppliers")

            Dim rownum As Integer
            rownum = listSupplier.SelectedIndex

            With dsSupp.Tables("Suppliers")
                .Rows(rownum).Item("Company") = txtCompany.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("Last Name") = txtLastName.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("First Name") = txtFirstName.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("Email Address") = txtEmail.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("Mobile Phone") = txtMPhone.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("Office Phone") = txtOPhone.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("Address") = txtAddress.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("City") = txtCity.Text
                .Rows(rownum).Item("ZIP/Postal Code") = txtPostal.Text
            End With
            daSupp.Update(dsSupp, "Suppliers")

it errors on the da.Update line
and by the way if it helps, the text fields are a product of datarowview. that is when you select an item on the listbox the details of that appears on the text fields. and my goal is i could edit those text fields and save them. thanks for the help

Just guessing you also need to define the Insert, Delete and Update commands for the OleDbDataAdapter before trying to use them.

oh ok, well i have tried a version without those SQL statements, i'll try it though thanks