Where do I find the System.Numerics namespace, with things like BigInt and Complex?
Just installed Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
Google did not make me happy:'(
Any help, is as always, much appreciated.

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@PierLucSS no. I actually meant a number like 98798565645872135588443556546546468743132466864335676435468633443135434355555555555555555







Try to fit that in a long;)

Closest you're going to find in C# is Int64 as far as I know.

From what I'm gathering in .Net 3.x BigInt was removed but may be making a comeback in .Net 4.x.

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He's talking about VS 2010, which is Net 4.

And I'm not sure what you mean, it's right there in the System.Numerics namespace. Make sure you have a reference to the System.Numerics.dll in your project.

He's talking about VS 2010, which is Net 4.

My bad then... wasn't 100% on whether it was inclusive of .Net 4 since I hadn't really paid attention and thought my VS2010 was up to 3.5 :twisted:

"GMP is a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers."

Perhaps this can help. There are some wrapups aswell for C#

Thanks for the answers guys:)
Just found out with Oject Browser that in VS 2010 has a System.Numeric namespace, wich seems to be empty. So where is the Numerics (with extra s) namespace?:-/

Does your project include a reference to the System.Numerics.DLL? Do you put "using System.Numerics;" at the top of you file?

I have no issues accessing the BigInteger class with VS 2010.

@Momerath : Tried that but I think I first must have the Numerics thing.
I know that in VS 2010 you can also use the F# language. And F# has support for BigIntegers. Strange...

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