Where do I find the System.Numerics namespace, with things like BigInt and Complex?
Just installed Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
Google did not make me happy:'(
Any help, is as always, much appreciated.

by BigInt did you mean long? :P

@PierLucSS no. I actually meant a number like 98798565645872135588443556546546468743132466864335676435468633443135434355555555555555555







Try to fit that in a long;)

Closest you're going to find in C# is Int64 as far as I know.

From what I'm gathering in .Net 3.x BigInt was removed but may be making a comeback in .Net 4.x.

He's talking about VS 2010, which is Net 4.

And I'm not sure what you mean, it's right there in the System.Numerics namespace. Make sure you have a reference to the System.Numerics.dll in your project.

He's talking about VS 2010, which is Net 4.

My bad then... wasn't 100% on whether it was inclusive of .Net 4 since I hadn't really paid attention and thought my VS2010 was up to 3.5 :twisted:

"GMP is a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers."

Perhaps this can help. There are some wrapups aswell for C#

Google is difficult to trim ;)

Thanks for the answers guys:)
Just found out with Oject Browser that in VS 2010 has a System.Numeric namespace, wich seems to be empty. So where is the Numerics (with extra s) namespace?:-/

Does your project include a reference to the System.Numerics.DLL? Do you put "using System.Numerics;" at the top of you file?

I have no issues accessing the BigInteger class with VS 2010.

@Momerath : Tried that but I think I first must have the Numerics thing.
I know that in VS 2010 you can also use the F# language. And F# has support for BigIntegers. Strange...