I was trying to compile programs using DevC++ for Windows, (I also looked at WxDevC++)

I can get generic console apps I made in C++ to compile under windows.
What I want to be able to do is compile some opensource programs that use make to compile.

When I create a new project it creates a main header file for me.
1. I would like to know how to compile a program that uses make from the gui on windows?
I know I will often need external libraries the program is dependant on...

Perhaps we could start off with Micropolis here's the link in ubuntu forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=665844

or you can pick an easier to compile game or application?
I know they have dev packs, some are here: http://devpaks.org/

2. What file in the package do I open first after I've downloaded and unzipped the source code, if not make?
Thanks for your time.

I found out that the new compiler is wxDevC++ I found this code

# Automated Makefile

CC = g++

CFLAGS = -Wall -O2


OBJFILES := $(patsubst %.cpp,%.o,$(wildcard *.cpp))

all: myprog

myprog: $(OBJFILES)

    $(CC) -o myprog $(OBJFILES)

%.o: %.cpp

    $(COMPILE) -o $@ $<

http://www.metalshell.com/view/tutorial/120/ so make can direct g++ I'll try it tommorow thanks.

I found it

when you start a new project goto program --> program options-->makefile --> then you can point it to the makefile be clicking the makefile tab...
More info:http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/2312/

This can be used to compile any program in general, not just games