Hi everyone! Can anyone help me how to create an application that updates an Access 2007 file from another computer? I am in great need for knowing it. It is a part of my thesis and until now, I still can't find relevant answers from the internet. I hope this community could help me solve this problem out at the very earliest possible time! If the process is too long, could you just please tell me what controls are needed and I'll just search the web on how to use them.

Thanks to all in advance...

Shows you how to connect to all types of database via ADO, ADO.net etc.

For Access, ensure that:
1. what ever user the Website runs under can access the file on the remote computer over the network.

2. The File is not going to be locked by another user opeing the Access File.

BTW SQL express is free and is better for connecting to via websites etc as it handles concurrent connections better. It's also more secure.

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