hello guys....if anyone can help me....i need to Save Info From A dataGrid Into an Excel File using Save Button....i am using vb 2010
and 10x from now

anyone??? just i need to save some info from DataGrid but i won't save it in a text file anything else is ok ....plzz:D:D:

Forgive me if I over-simplify this and this isn't what you are looking for.

To make a save button, you can simply drag a "button" from the toolbox onto the form. Position it to the appropriate location on the form. Don't forget to anchor it and to set it's text property. I would also give it a proper name. These properties are found in the properties panel. If that panel isn't displayed, right click the button and select properties.

To do the code behind, double-click the button on the form. This should "stub-in" a handler for the button click event. Write your code in this for saving your data back to your data-store.

first thank you for your reply but i know these steps.... i just need the code :( anw thanks again...:):)