I am new to visual basic. I have an internship at a real estate company and my project for the next couple months is to create a database for real estate. The overall project consists of a application that each agent will log into and will be able to search for different properties based on information that is in the database. The database will be created in Access. Also from that screen it can be an option to add a property to the database. When added I want it to go to Access and be saved in there. Also when they want to print the property information it will make a separate screen with the property information. This is the basic setup. Ideally I would like it to be on the internet. I have taken a class for visual basic, so I have some basic knowledge of the language.

My question is, is this project do able? If so where should I begin?

Hey Ryan,
You should start with listing dilligently all commands that are involved in your program. (Exit, Open, Save, Font-Commands etc.) After that you should put them into logical groups. Have in mind that you should program scenario based and not think in a programmers logic. Once you have this on paper - a layout will unfold itself (I love working with Organiograms, they keep me focussed project based. Then you have to make some majo decisions:

1. Single Computer Application or Multi Tiered
2. Is Access the way to go? Maybe SQL Express is better
3. What .NET Framework will you support? 2.0, 3.5 or 4.0?
4. What interactivity is needed from outside a LAN?
5. Should the program be functional or also visually attractive?
5. What will be used on client side (computers/PDA's)
6. What software will they use on their computer and is that software updated.
7. Do you need to implement secure database communication (Encryption)
8. Do you need to restrict access to some parts of the program...
9. What are the expectations of your employer and what can and cannot be done?
10. Do you work alone or can you involve more people?
11. Copyright, Patents etc..

In some scenarios you will be using Windows Forms with Access or SQL Express, but it seems to me that you should dive into Windows Presentation Foundation, use EntityModel 4 with LINQ-SQL for your Database Communication and a WFC Service for the Internet.

Seems to me that your employer needs a lesson or two in Software Development too :))))

Good Luck!