hi my name is srikanth.i am a eginer in java just learning the basics.i just have one question. why does everyone talk in a confusion manner regarding java like using terms such as j2ee,j2se,core java advanced java. whats the difference? there is no such confusion in C.
and what is run time environment. please dont give me any links.just try to explain in your own words thank you.

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Hi all,
This type of classification is very better for the Developement activities and learning the Java.
Core Java - means the basic functionalities core with OOPs concepts and Event Driven Progarammings with JDBC Only.RMI Also Part of the CoreJava.

J2SE - Java Standard Edition technologies all of in Java applicable.
J2EE - Enterprise edition mainly looks for three - tier architecure with JSP/Servlets/EJB.
I thoughy u are get something...Otherwise visit the sun.com.or Mastering EJB ,WROX Publications J2EE for Further details

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