Assignment 1:

Prompt the user to enter a number. After reading the user's input,
print a 0 if the number is even or a 1 if the number is odd

Assignment 2:

Prompt the user to enter a number of seconds between 1 to 86,400.
After reading the user's input number of seconds, calculate and then
output how many hours, minutes, and seconds it equals.

The exercise 3:
1. Apply the algorithm for transforming a decimal number to binary num-
ber on:

a.) 87
b.) 111

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Show some effort if you wish to get any help.
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You really should post this on the Python forum. We geeks in the geeks' lounge do not do other folks homework.


In addition, you might want to explain your own efforts to solve the problems and where specifically you might be stuck at. From my experience reading forums, many people are hesitant to do other people's homework for them. If you explain what you have done so far, and where exactly you need help at, people are more than willing to help you through the problems. If you simply post the problem, people tend to think that you are trying to use them to do your homework. So go into a bit more detail and I think you will be happy with the help you get.

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