I'm a first semester student of Master degree and i need to implement a project in C# that uses a database with transactions and any kind of monitoring. I already know how to connect a database with C# and i know how to work with databases, but i don't have any ideas what kind of software uses databases with transactions. Any ideas are welcome.

Regarding the monitoring, it can be anything that writes automatically in the database in a certain peroid of time or when it is triggered by something.

Thanks in advance!

At what school does a Masters degree student not know what kind of software uses databases?

I know what kind of software uses databases, its any kind of software that needs the database as a storage. I have implemented an online library and other types of storage while i was on my Bechelor study. Just to be clear i have implemented applications in which the user writes the data which is stored in the database by clicking on a button (or some other method).The problem is i don't know anything about a software that uses monitoring and constantly updates (or inserts into) the database and that software also needs to have some transactions (something to sell for example) so i have no ideas what to implement. So basically I'm asking about a software that uses some type of monitoring or anything else that writes its results in the database.

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Logging software...Firewalls, every decent application has an log app backing it up?

Thanks steelshark, i always took logs for granted as i used software that already had it implemented. Now i have an idea on what to implement.

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