Hi friends.

Do you know a library/header file/...etc. which has codes/instruments to write codes related to (how to read frame/frames from multiframes images or from video file? )


Something like this?

Thank you so much.
What you gave is good.
But I am looking for a library with C++ Lang. to make me able to read any frame I want from streaming video/or any video type:mpeg,avi,...

Got what I want?
Plz guide me.


You can try OpenCV (open-source computer vision library), available at sourceforge.net. I've used it before (different application to yourself) and it's really handy & easy to use (once you get the project set up).

According to:
, the following video formats are supported:
MPEG-1, motion-jpeg codec (does not work well), MPEG-4.2, MPEG-4.3, MPEG-4, H263, H263I, FLV1. Possibly others if you're lucky.