Please help on creating my own operating system ............. I try too much to search on google but I did not get any help for me.......... I hope some good enough too help....
I have knowledge about c/c++.

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The best place to look for operating system development information would be The OS-Dev Wiki and Forum. They have a wealth of knowledge and several experienced systems programmers on the message boards.

I will warn you, however, that they expect you to come well-prepared when asking questions on the fora, and do not tolerant laziness or failure to follow the forum guidelines; read through the wiki and the forum archives before posting.

Fairly early on, when you are loading an operating system, you need to initialise various pieces of hardware, such as the 8259A interrupt controller, the programmable interval timer, how to enable the A20 line, and so on. So I would start by reading up on them. If you are going to write a protected mode operating system, you will early on need to know about the Global Descriptor Table and the Interrupt Descriptor table, so you might want to read up on them as well.

I would say that is the minimum you need to get started. There is a lot more to come later. (Another thing you will need to know early on is assembly language, if you haven't already got it.)

It's all out there, I got mine working on a very simple level after just a few days of googling/researching bootloaders and floppy sectors etc.

I try too much to search on google but I did not get any help for me.

Might sound a bit harsh, but I think you should look a bit harder.

You should look at the MMURTL OS book, it is online and entirely free, plus discusses lots of the basic OS concepts.


This is what I say to everybody (there have been quite a few threads asking this question)... (Slight adapted to situation):


It takes experience to write an operating system BUT you can certainly start.

I have made my own with assembly, it doesn't do much but It works. When I first thought "I might give it a try" I wanted to get on with making a cool looking Operating System. I never did, and still haven't but I have done the basics (read from disk, draw a bit to the screen, more advanced calculation , etc).

Anyway, to get to the point, I found a really simple Operating System called MikeOS and it really helped me when making my own Operating System.

It took me a while to believe that making an operating system was so hard... but, it is.

Don't start straight away, look in the source code and see how it works and maybe edit it and make some system call, etc. It's open source so it's no problem.

If you are going to use it you will need:
- A computer (Duh!)
- A virtual PC thing (I use Oracle VirtualBox although I am told it isn't good for OS development)
- Possibly Linux (like Ubuntu) because it makes assembling 20x easier
- Time! (It takes time!)

Even if you don't try MikeOS, you will still need the things above for you Operating System

As I said, experiment with MikeOS before you go into the deep end.

So, my guess is that a lot of people want to make there own Operating System. The amount of people that post threads on DaniWeb with this question has gone right through the roof... I am not saying that is a bad thing. I am just saying that it is a very popular subject, one that many people try to start and, for lack of a better word, fail.

You might make your own, I have faith in everyone who tries, just don't give up.

That ends my lecture ;)


Hi, if you need help with an os, I will definitely help you out. Just send me an email( I'll send you some rtf files containing tutorials. Os dev is pretty simple and free. Do you have Linux or windows? If you have windows, you need the following programs now:
A c/c++ compiler(I'll send ya one)
A linker
Qemu(not any other, we need it for a script)
Virtual floppy disk(program that makes a virtual floppy disk
Rawwritewin( a program used to copy files over)
I also recommend that you use c++ the interface only not cosde( unless u want it to be in c++
A simple knowledge of c and/or c++

Not partcopy either( I hate partcopy )
Send me n email when ur ready (:

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