Hi all,
Can any one tell me how to export the data from the data grid (or string grid) to powerpoint Slides.
I want to export the data as it is, i have been succesful to get the data to the slides,but they are not tabulated.
I want the exported data to be tabulated.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Thanks for these links...@Wolfgan
But i guess they have explained how to open and run an existing powerpoint presentation through Delphi...
I need help to copy the data from Delphi to Powerpoint...in a TABULATED form....

Read the help! There because everything is written. You can not read or think? I gave you a link to an example of how to create an object. Next open the help for the VBA. The object model present. And even the examples are available. What else do you need? Just turn on the brain.

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LOL...@Wolfgan :D
I said i am able to get the data to the powerpoint point slides,so obviously i know the object creation...
Secondly where does VBA come into the picture,i want it directly from delphi to powerpoint.

Thanks Neways.... :)

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Do you even know that this technology is COM? Because all objects VBA will work in Delphi. Accordingly, your task is to find the object you want to help and write code in Delphi. This is elementary. I can offer another option. There is a book which describes the work with the whole package of office: http://books.tr200.ru/v.php?id=40499
One problem - book in Russian I

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yup i know it is a Component Object Model,
LoL...I don't have time to learn Russian.


Hilarious you're a guy. Study did not want. Think you do not want. Do you want to "copy-paste" to get the world-famous "Indian code"? Well, it's your business. I do know how to do it, I do not suffer.

If i wanted to "copy-paste" i would not have come to this situation...
But i know i will get to the solution soon....and will surely let u know about the same...


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